Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The first Step

For the first 10 years of my school, I mostly took 18 to go to school, and if i had the choice i always preferred 2258. There were too many 18's so we referred to the buses by their number plates.

2258 was our favorite coz it had the most aggressive driver.It was during this period that i realised what aging is, by seeing the same conductor on and off over 10 years, observing his features changes, see him get more irritated with school kids as he grew old and observing his hair go white.

The other buses we took were 90D, 290,280 and other variants of 18 like 18c et all.Our fav, if we got it was 280 which headed to Ghatkesar. As it was a suburban bus it had fewer stops and an enterprising driver who did not halt even at the scheduled halts.

For most of my first 8 year, standing at the mettugudda bus stop , i use to see 250 zip by . We never took it, coz it turned left at Habsiguda and did not go to our school.

Then one fine day sometime in 8th or 9th standard, I had to go to ECIL crossroads to pick up the application form from Omega. That day I took a 250.It was scary. I did not know how soon or how late to expect ECIL cross roads and I was alone. We did not have cell phones so that I could call Anand and ask him to give me some indications of when i will reach my destination.

Later I did take that bus many more times, sometimes to write the A S Rao talent search exam,sometimes to visit Anand in Ashoknagar(I think his colony was/is called this). Anand today is sitting in USA designing civil structures.

I did not made it through Omega and neither through AS Rao. I never liked the format of AS Rao also, too many Reason/Assertion questions. Why bother how does the cloth dry up, because of the sunlight or because of the blowing wind.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Maps review

Google Maps(G) is good because it came first, but yahoo Maps (Y) is better.

Because of this. The same place when viewed through both is identical, but Yahoo tells me the name of my teeny weeny village, my native place, while google does not.

So who is to blame, The purchase manager at Google who bought the maps software from Europa.
While Yahoo came later it maps are more detailed( They knew the name of my village, None of the kids in Std I had even heard about it)

Perhaps it is time for Google to change vendors.

Freaking shit....The dudes who sold the map to Yahoo are Indians. CE Info Systems

Well..well..well...It is about time for me to check yahoo maps for detailed places in the USA, and stop giving advice to google on how to run it's business.

P.S.: I think i got most of my facts incomplete if not incorrect. Yahoo has bought from an Indian company, i think, Maps only for India.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Growing Up and Hum nahi badlenge

Sometime last month, i celebrated another of my birthday.

It was cool like any other birthday, but without the cake. I have taken up this new job and the timing are from evening 7 to morning 3:30, ie if i am not overworked. Otherwise they also do start earlier. So it was kinda impossible for my folks to carry off the cake thingy.


It is just that perhaps(my friends at college use to tell me that this was my pillow word, gives you an idea of how confident a fellow i am) I am growing up or growing old or moving on etc.

It's kinda funny this whole growing up story.

Readings: Am trying to read Taleb's Black Swan for some time now. It's tough. Meanwhile have managed to read GB Shah's Angel Joan, Man and Superman( skipping the section in hell). Otherwise also skipping the sections of non fiction, I don't know why , but Shaw in his time thought, along with the book he needs to add sections like Tanner on good being etc. General lessons to society and vella people on how to do what.

Perhaps(:-)) in his time it should have been some marketing gimmick to sell the book, but in my time and at my age i am in mood to read that kind of stuff.

I actually do read up my posts to correct the spelling mistakes , and of late trying to find opportunities to add hyperlinks. I was trying to find something for vella, but using google adsense i ended up here.

The hindi font sucks on AOL. But the pity was UTI Mutual fund has a banner on AOL(Hindi version) , but the banner itself is in English.


I think it serves well the marketing Managers at UTI to put that ad there and forget that it is a website in hindi.

Mujhko dekhoge jahan tak

I was reading this. Which then led me here. I am not aware if amazon pays amit varma anything , but he did have a couple of identical links on the same page , which to me appeared unnecessary.

So after reading that i went here.( you see, i am a newbie when it comes to hyper links, So I am just indulging myself.)

Everything was fine till here.

The next thing i wanted to do was watch the movie with subtitles for free , sitting as i am .

Unfortunately technology allows me that, But I haven't evolved to that stage yet.

It was so easy in campus, you could always ask a Techie to download that movie..and within a day you could have seen it.

Sometime back a friend asked me, Do you miss campus?. I said, the usual superficial way.

Today , sitting here, wanting to watch that movie for free along with subtitles,I am missing campus.