Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Game Theory


1. There is nothing called a decision.
2. Decisions in aggregate is a way of life
3. There is nothing called a good or bad decision. With or without hindsight. Each outcome of an action is just another data point.Keep your eyes on only the aggregate.
4. Everybody has something to offer to you. Meet everybody. Learn to differentiate bias from intelligence, even your own. Always know your biases. If not, ask others they will tell you.

1 Start with a parameter value of an objective
2. Define your constraints. Define your system. Freeze the system.
3. You cannot change the constraints. Accept it. Find a way around.
4. Start the game
5. After sufficient iterations freeze the objective, if need be change it. Never be afraid of changing your mind, the best traders are the most fickle minded people. Ignore the sticks others will give you for focus or lack thereof.
6. Define your means/channels. Set up as many of them as you can, though one at a time.
7. Never confuse means with objectives
8. Be indifferent to means.
9. Do not question your cards. If you don't like the game, throw your cards down. Ask fate to deal them again. Understand that the next set of cards will be equally random.

1. You will make mistakes, that is one of the most beautiful ways to live a life. Embrace it.
2. Nobody knows how any thing would turn out. Stop asking people the answers to your life.
3. Sometimes rather than trying to change the objective, the means , the game, try changing your own perspective on things. Observer and the observed. Quantum physics?

Two men looked out from a prison window, one saw the sandstorm, the other the stars.

P.S1. A lot of lessons are from my start up days, which is now history.
2. Operations research( Constraints et all) and Numerical Methods( Iterations et all) still remain my favourite all time subjects.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Movies of 60's

1. Office Space
2. Once upon a time in the West
3. Cool Hand Luke

Judgement at Neuremberg
2001 a space odyssey

Friday, November 05, 2010

Happy Diwali 2010

Should I do my year end reflection/appraisal on Diwali or new year or financial year? Or do all three anyways.

Diwali 2009 : I was in Mumbai. I think my bro and his family also were here. I forget. My start up had hit rock bottom, so did my relationship with my partner. Was exploring other partners.

Diwali 2008 : I was employed with a company. I took a couple of weeks off, came to Bombay. Was ambivalent about quitting that job. Actually had quit it but was asked to reconsider, take a break.

Diwali 2007: Was at home, in between jobs. I actually did not recall that till I googled out that it was on 9th Nov. My last day was I guess 2nd Nov. I was to leave for Bangalore on 12th Nov and start the new job on 15th Nov.

Diwali 2006 : I should have been at Mumbai at home. A difficult period, it was the last trimester before placements and the peer pressure was at its highest. I had actually given up on getting placed in slot zero( I was right), and take up an employment with India's number 2 IT services company. ( they did make an offer, I refused)

Diwali 2005 : I have no clue what was I doing where was I .Should have been in Bombay only.Celebrating with parents and all.

Diwali 1999: Was in hyderabad. Dad, I guess had come down barely after getting a day's leave. We did not have a land line at the rented house for three months. So had to go to a STD booth to call up dad. What was his number 9821... some BPL number.

There was that Diwali when we had celebrated it in our backyard in hyderabad.

The infighting amongst brothers on the type of crackers we wanted to buy. The list of available crackers at co operative stores.

The diwali when all other children had gone to watch an english movie in the auditorium. I had sat in the balcony, lit up a candle and put a light to the crackers on the balcony and kept dropping them down to the ground.

Shit, is this turning out to be some nostalgic memoir. Anyways

To quote myself from before, Here's me, the brute, the uncouth, the unstable, happying everyone. Have a good one and keep others around you happy as well.

Btw did I ever talk about that happiness and reasons, independence theory. Or the symbols-experience analogy.