Tuesday, December 26, 2006


My exams finished on friday. At least for a very long time my last exams.
In the end the much hyped MBA just got down to completing a few papers
,just completing. Because no matter how hard you tried you would still find failing an impossibility.
The sad part is that , That utopia has come to an end and from now there will be stages
where failing wouldn't be that much more difficult.

As usual alcohol marked the culmination of my exams.When i came back and was about to drop dead to sleep, surya pulled me out to give him company for dinner at Pakhtoon. It is quite funny when u are sitting in a restaurant sipping water while the other person is blissfully having his meal.

Never mind that , on my arrival back to campus sharba gave an invite for his party.
It was to be his last day at the campus as a bachelor.Most of the time we were having fun and ridiculing each other, while i couldn't gulp even plain sprite.

When i checked my ip, vivekanand a junior was requesting for some gyan. I obliged .
And conversed with him for a very long time. If i was making some sense or not, i will leave that to his better judgment.

Finally sleep dawned at about 2 AM.

Shankar woke me up at around 5 :45. Around 6:30 i left the campus only to reach churchgate at around 7 :30 only to realize swapnil was going to be royally late. So decided it was better to walk up to Gateway than waste money on Cab.

Gateway was a surprise. For the first time i saw a Q outside Maaldar, the ferry running company. After thinking for 10 mins thew mind struck a goldmine . If i was just going to stand there, i might as well stand in the Q. So much for those self professed analytical skills.

We were about the last to board the ferry and yours truly was the only one to get a place to sit. The other three had to stand for the whole duration.

To be continued.

Saturday, December 09, 2006


I am Happy. Many of my classmates got placed today.With salaries touching a level, I have always believed, MBAs never deserve. If not MBAs, at least guys in their mid 20's should rathar not be given this much.Still it's a tad less than what's on offer in Top 3 B schools. I conversed with a few of my friends about their interviews.


1.Walked out of academics during 2/3 year of engineering.
2.Believed Life was meant to be lived for the moment.
3.Never believed in certifications.
4.Never had a plan.
5.Never bothered to check with the refree, what were the rules of the game.
6.Never Believed in international certification courses.
7.Never participated in B schools competions ,seriously.
8.Never valued knowledge.
9.No this is not a 10 point answer to a question.
10. Overconfidence

I was never passionate about bikes. But there was this ad on the back cover of a magazine. It carried a snap of a rugged looking guy along with a bike. Alongside was something written, like, I didn't abide by the rules, I took a longer time to achieve goals which my peers achieved well before I did . But i did it my way etc

I might have been anywhere between 10-15 when i saw the ad for the only time I ever saw it.
In banglore the last time, while taking an after dinner walk , my bro blasted me for about 20 minutes to try to take my academics seriously.I kept on defending with the only defence i had, i don't believe in something, why should i indulge in it.Neither of us yielded.

1.Do only what you like doing.
2. Enjoy whatever you do, otherwise walk out of it.

Well, the hen's come home to roost today. Apocalyptica is playing in the background on my comp. Never care for what they do.Sweet Irony.

Now i juxtapose the Stance and The Mistakes. Or better still throw them all in a bag and forget all about this bag business.

One day in future i pick this bag . Then i pick up one point from the bag. Say it is Mistakes.7
Will i still be able to classify it as a mistake or a stance. For that matter will i still remember the classification i had made years ago.I might.I might not.

It is easier to be impulsive and jump to judgements/decisions. It is tougher to analyse them over a given time frame and then judge them.Even if that is accomplished, would one have lived for the moment, doing so.

The quest of brutality is to stand up to your mistakes and say.
I did 'em.
I will do 'em again.


1. Relax.
2.Tomorrow might be worse.
3.Don't listen to Apocalyptica.
4.Always finish a 10 point answer with 10 ponts.
5.Why bother about rules of the game, you didn't invent them anyways.
6. You never expected life to be a bed of roses. Continue to expect the same.

When i started this piece, i was feeling heavy, now am a bit lighter.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Ek abhivyakti ki parikalpana ki paribhasha hoon

Koi vyang ka sar nahin

Ek kataksh ka chor hoon

kisi roshni ke anth se prarambh hua

Ek geet ki gahriyon main mehsoos hua

kisi mali ki kali se ubharne ki apesha hooon

Ek dariya main jhone ki kwahish hoon

.....after more than 10 -12 years.

A good friend says it is very crude. Still.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Red on White

I got hurt today. Scratched my knee cap against an edge of a metal table drawer.
What initially appeared as the surface of the bone (My bone) was merely a part of
the skin. It left a white mark on my skin with blood trying to edge out from one side.
So it' s Red on White.

It's more than 12 hrs since the accident and the surface still remains like that only.
Red on White background. No the white thing is not my bone.

The whole thing made me remind of an hospital test i had in a pathological lab
years ago, where the skin was skimmed.

I browsed through a friends blog. Towards the end of the first post i read,
I could sense a pain developing in my gut.

For an indifferent person , at least that is how i wish to cultivate my self Image,
indifferent to how further it's from reality,to feel a pain after reading a blog is really
a feeling which should not be put into words.

Simply put it's about how he broke up with his long time Girl Friend or as he put it,how she ditched him.I understand there is a certain way to break up relationships, when both party agree (Relationship type, unimportant) that some thing's missing or frequencies have been jumped.

But it rarely happens that way.Reasons can be proposed and disposed, but this is no debate

I think the pain was a non verbal method of my self communicating with my self. That I was sorry for him that he had to undergo what he had to undergo.

If you are thinking pain is the common thread thought this post , you are wrong. It is just by chance.

I borrowed dettol from my friend and dressed up the cut, without any cream, because none was to be found. Sometimes try to dress up your own wounds and you will realise what an effort it takes to do that. I did this for the first time today , trying two different ways to tie the knot.

The first one was the type my mother does it when she is tending to my wounds. Today I realised it wasn't just heartbreakingly tough, but impossible for me to just repeat what she so effortlessly accomplishes . So i had to try a crude knot which worked.

Knots are used to make sure the cotton stays on the wound preventing any bacteria/ virus from seeking any unsolicited accommodation.Not exactly knots but the white , flat , windowed,
rope/ cloth. The knot is merely a ceremonial gesture signifying the completion of dressing.

The name of that friend continues to remain Vipin.

I am currently reading Chomsky's Understanding Power. Also I hereby declare bookmarks to be complete nuisance and an impediment to Humanity's/ Civilizations (If any) future developments.

Nothing in world can replace the pleasure of trying to reach the exact point where you had stopped reading, the last time around.

My fingers are paining. This is my longest typed -post-in-one-sitting record holder.