Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jisne Lahore na dekhyan

Jisne Lahore Na dekhya is a guilty play, with a little bit of thackeray in it. They make you stand at the end with the Indian National Anthem. A trifle of an irony for a play which is completely set in Lahore. I would have preferred the Pakistani national anthem.

The levels where I enjoyed it were the interplay of punjabi and Urdu. Somewhere I had read that Urdu was a normal language till just before freedom and was taught in schools just like Hindi and English are. But post Independence, it was systematically eliminated. 

The interplay of images using a projector was also I believe wasted.

But I did like the stage, and the play with illumination/lighting.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Yeh Duniya maya ke bagula jivan mukti kar le

One of the challenges with being employed is that it takes away a lot of your time. Managing egos, timelines, travel etc. That one forgets what the game is all about. So here's another of my lists, enumerating what would I like to do along with being employed.

1. Get back into options, actively
2. Read at least 50 pages of prose everyday

Another habit, one cultivates in a job is , to live life on the weekends. Everything that one likes to do, gets pushed on the weekend. And when a weekend comes, after one has compensated for all the sleep lost, one does not have energy to organise things into a particular pattern and clear the backlog.

The heart again pings the brain, saying what is the fun in a weekend, if it follows  a structure and is not random. So there is exactly where I stand

3 Download audio books and listen to them in your commute time
4. Continue daydreaming
5. Be active on linkedin. Coz Don't let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner

Life is better than before. I sometimes think of HP and think, wouldn't my life be better fulfilled had I taken that up at 1/3rd of the price. The logic goes like this.

Whatever job I am doing, anybody can do that. But the job that needs to be done in HP, not everybody can do it, Very few can, and very very few are willing to do it, given the price point. 

And then I confront that with what I want. To be able to execute your ideas, one should have absolute control. In a corporate life, where the structure is always political and beyond a point nobody gives anybody more than a fuck but keep waiting for a promotion or a pay raise every march, one has to develop this ability to influence people. 

So either I have complete control, or I work i a bigger set up where I can get exposure to scales. 

The risks in something in between is a tad too much. And the benefits, if someday, there are esops, then I can exit at good returns. But then would I really deserve that wealth. I don't know. 

Again the final scene of Unbreakable comes here. Is my purpose to be an enabler or a creator or just a passer by. 

The logic is pretty faulty and can be taken down easily, but for now, I will treat it as an absolute truth and believe in it.