Monday, August 24, 2009

What's up

I have been hated for a variety of reasons, at various points of time. A dear friend in MBA hated me for daydreaming and reading stuff on internet on random topics. Here is wishing him more luck, my latest interests

I haven't been able to make head or tail out of any, but I am trying. Another assignment for self is to pick up a subject and understand it completely on my own, a la engineering. Say, pick up Digital Signal Processing, and read it up on each saturday in a libi and complete the subject in 3 month's time. I have had many pipe dreams, let's see if this remains in the pipe or comes out in the open.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Managing uncertainity and Than Than nann

After three hectic days during the beginning of the week, I took friday off. In my line of work there is no such distinction between a week day and a weekend.

The last night I was browsing the net generally and there was a rotten article on yahoo on how kaminey is starting some kind of trend. The article also said that it was a vishal bharadwaj movie. Now I had a vague kind of idea, that there was some movie called kaminey coming out, with shahid kapur and pc. I had no intention of even noticing it. A lot of movies have gone by with my being indifferent to their arrival and then their subsequent demise.

But since this was a vishal bhadawaj movie, I decided to give it a shot.

So when Friday morning came, I went to watch a morning show at a nearby multiplex, which is at a walking distance from my home. And only the morning show suits my pockets.

So there I went to see Kaminey with a lot of expectations. I had browsed its website the previous day and was aware of everything which was there. Also thanks to torrent, the songs also were downloaded.

Kaminey was fine.

I have this affliction where my head feels heavy after I have seen a movie in a theatre and hence I usually avoid hindi movies, which are unnecessarily long.

I still had a heavy head so I took a nap in the afternoon. Someone trying to sell me a barclays credit card broke my slumber in some time, and there was no sleep anymore.

Later, I went to watch another play at rangashankara, sic. It turned out a combination of a wonderful script and mediocre acting. The script was from some foreign play, hence was good enough. But as is true with indians, they take a pleasure in ruining every beautiful foreign thing.

In acting there is this problem of form, where an actor needs to kill his personality and effortlessly own another skin of a character. In the play, the leading lady did the opposite; there was unnecessary swagger, accent and pure buffoonery from her side. She also happened to direct the play and hence no one could possibly ask her to take it easy and let it flow, as I guess the lingo is. The other characters Theo and frank were fine.

The problem with young women who think they are ogle-able is that they take this fact very seriously and forget everything else. Like you see a person with very good upkeep, but once the person opens his mouth, all you want is to run away.

There was another play I saw last week, mere bed ke niche rehne wali. By far the best play I have ever seen. The actors were 12-16 year olds.

I ran into a senior from my engineering college at sic. He was also in the startup game and recently has moved on, so that he could get out of office at 6 PM every day. He said there are other things also that he wants to do in life.

One of the challenges of a start up life is to manage your time efficiently and relax often, otherwise one might burnout or if one succeeds this way, the rest of the life stands ruined.

Today morning I had around 5 interviews for people I was planning to take on internship, starting at 8:30 AM to 11:oo AM. None of them turned up.

The difficulty in this scenario is to take failure chin up and not let bitterness and a sense of failure creep in. Also to let yourself brace for the next challenge. Many things do not happen as we want, not even closer to what we want. One would like to identify the mistakes, correct them and move on. Make a new plan, incorporate the learning and throw the net in the ocean again and wait. And wait . And wait.