Saturday, October 24, 2009

And Kate Winslet grew old

Titanic remains one of my favorite movie. I have seen it a few times, I guess twice.

We like movies for various reasons.

  1. Because it has a very high imdb rating. ( Godfather)
  2. Because our friends like it ( Requiem for a dream)
  3. Because we can relate sometimes with the protagonist, sometimes with the antagonist, and sometimes with some marginal character( A million dollar baby)
  4. Because we are suppose to like them.( Gandhi)
  5. Because we never understood it and still liked it for a long time, till a friend actually explained us the story, went back and saw the movie, and finally understood it ( Memento)
  6. Because how can some one not like animation( Ice Age)
  7. Because one day I was a kid and dreamed up that I just have to clear the JEE and everything will be perfect, then I thought, well I will do an MBA and everything will be perfect, then.....We always underestimate how is it going to be on the other side of our utopia. We rarely ever even think about it, mostly we buy a thought, that let's bother about tomorrow only tomorrow.
Because some movies show us how is it going to be on the other side. ( Revolutionary Road).

I do not understand music. I cannot read the notes in a book. But I know two kinds of music, one which I like and one which I do not. And then there is this which gets under my skin. The soundtrack from revolutionary road belongs to the final category. It is going to end, then it takes you a note higher. It is going to end and it takes you a note lower. It is going to end, it almost pauses and then you fall short of words needed to describe it.

Why did Kate Winslet grow old ?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Diwali post

Years ago, Mr. Ganapathy asked me to wish Dr. Kiran, Happy Diwali. At that point of time, I was 17 and held the belief that what will my happying something change this world, or some one 's life. And the blunt person that I am, I asked him, why should I ? He replied, it will make him happy. changes things. From the last lines of this movie here.

So was it that I was making him unhappy generally? Whatever.

Here's me, the rude, the blunt, the uncouth, happying everybody who comes to this blog and who doesn't ( pun intended).

Happy Diwali.