Monday, March 17, 2008

Woh subah kabhie to aayegi

Filhaal aadhe ghante main aane wali hai . It's about 5:30 in the morning now, and all i can recall is, had i been where i was about a year back, i would have have waited for another half hour and seen the dawn break from my window and gone for a walk around the pond.

Times have changed and so do have I.

During my engineering days , i had this theory which said the temperature of blood in a human body is inversely proportion to his age.( Garam khoon.. got it??) When I was there, I use to think, I will change things, I will do this that etc. Pithily put, I had this million things to do and I thought i would do them.

Today at the door of celebrating the fourth anniversary of getting out of my engineering college( which at that point I badly wanted to) and one year after getting out from a top B school, I realise the things i want to do now have actually reduced from millions to single digit numbers.

That's why the homage to the temperature theory.

Have been on a marathon session of watching movies. The two i saw ...well the incorrect usage is ..tonight.. but i will still use it ( correct usage is, previous night, but it's still dark outside) , are

1. The bridges of Madison county
2. American Gangster.

Yesterday i had seen
3. No country for old men.

Last weekend

4. Manorama, 6 feet under
5. Johnny Gaddar
6. 3 : 10 to Yuma.

My best pic ....well for once i will stop judging the best in a set of unrelated articles.

None of the movies were in a theater way of protesting against the frivolous pricing in movie theaters in Bangalore.. 300 bucks..thanks but no thanks.

Things i have picked up in the last few days..

1. Difference between copy and content.
2. It's tough to find the right website vendor in Bangalore who accepts a payment cycle of 30 days.
3. The worth of money.. not in the statistical sense, but more so of having whatever number, when you need and at the place you need.

Books i have been reading

1. iwoz..according to me not worth the 395 i spent at the Oxford in Jayanagar. Well, I did find an Oxford in Bangalore. Since then I have discovered a thelewala on Brigade Road, near New arya bhavan who sells good, inexpensive , pirated books.

Actually there are 3 good shops on church street who sell, new and old books at a discount. Unfortunately they still do not stock pirated books, a concept equally acceptable to me and Thomas Friedman.

2. A million little pieces..james frey, a great start ..fizzles out later.
3.Banker to the poor, Mohd. Yunus, reading it..makes me remind of my days at a bank where we use to insist on collateral.

In about some time i will make some coffee, if i am able to find the coffee powder in bhabhi's kitchen ie and wait for the breaking dawn from the balcony.