Saturday, December 25, 2010


Vishal Bhadwaj is on a mission to take a sensitive word, usually not spoken in a normal conversation and bring it in the mainstream. First it was Kaminey, Now it seems to be darling.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ripples on water

So I end up at this place to do something, and figure out that actually that something doesn't start for another 12 hours. I have time to kill and my options are:

1. Sit outside and watch traffic. This wasn't a highway and I was in a village.
2. Sit on a computer and browse through presentations on banking
3. Alibaug
4. Google maps
5. Temples

Ruling out Alibaug and temples without a thought, and after some time the presentations, I opened up google maps on my cell. Randomly I saw something called Morbe Dam.

I jumped on it. I reached the dam, Typical village life was in process around us. This being India, a trifle inside the gate few villagers were gossiping away their way to glory. They were generally making fun of the village stupid. I tried to ignore them and walk straight up on the artificial road, created on the embankment made to stop the water. But, they stopped me.

We went to the other side, came across another set of houses, went down towards the bank and sat there. Doing nothing. Throwing stones in the water and watching the ripples. The last time, I did this was I guess five or so years back, in some rivulet near a friend's farmhouse in Talegaon, near Lonavala- Pune.

The water was soapy on the banks, because of the very high penetration of Indian FMCG companies in the Indian markets. At each place that I threw a stone, a kind of small sludge was formed. A semi- milestone in my quest of watching ripples.

We later went and climbed up the Arnala fort. The first time I did that in three visits to the Arnala Bird sanctuary. It is a three KM trek one way, and not very difficult. Nowhere closer to a few suicidal treks I have gone to in the near past. One was further north up and another near Roha. Both of them involved near vertical climb on huge boulders.

One was Avchitgad, from Nidhi station.

In the other I slept in Mulher, but I forget the name of the treks.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Skeleton Woman : A review

Anurag Kashyap, in all his shorts shorts glory opened up the play.. a few lines

  1. People think I have directed this play, No I have not
  2. Nayantara is on her way, if she comes here by the time the play ends you may see her.
  3. No photographs please.

There is something about him. He is aware of the latent needs and subconscious expectations of the vox populi when he suddenly thrusts himself amongst them.

I did not get much of the play, other than that it was about Sea and fishes. Some reference to Conrad, I don't know. A lot of representation seemed to be an effort in portraying delusions, and I guess it is difficult to communicate delusions, as it is.

So, a few laughs here, a few there and and entertaining time spent. Given that it cost only 150 bucks, 50 short of my personal threshold , also helped.

So what do you want
Why don't you get it then
If I knew how to, I would have got it by now

What I liked the most was the music Kalki hums towards the end. I don't know which music is that, and I don't know from where to start Googling to find that out.

The play is inspired by an Inuit folk tale. Something to do with the arctic and the Eskimos. I did not know till just now what Inuit even was.

Btw I thought Kalki was some kind of a French word. Wiki informs me it has something to do with Indian mythology. I surely need a course in Indian mythology.

Among other things, In Xanadu is a welcome change from the denseness of From the holy mountain. Humour was absolutely absent in the latter, but it is in plenty in the former.