Monday, June 21, 2010

Irony in education

I some days dream of going back to a small town and start by teaching people spoken english anf then branch out to personality development interview preparation, bpo training, Retail, cellular employees soft skills training etc. And hope to breaking the branded franchise model of Veta, Speak well or other local players by my sheer quest for excellence.

I also try to teach slum children to speak in English and fail miserably each time. But now, I have come to appreciate how systems works and what a sustainable effort is.

Though, one is an action and another a thought, still how can I have both these thoughts simultaneously in my head.

On other updates, I received a payment for direct service rendered/salary after a year and half for teaching in the NGO. On an impulse, I wanted to refuse it, but I let that thought pass. Also was pleasantly surprised, never had though about been paid for this. :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Indian VC Market

Does it even exist or is a figment of imagination, just like the villain in the harry potter series, one who should not be named.

A few years back, say in the dot com boom, people realised that there were too many Indians in the Silicon Valley. And India was a developing economy. Looking from an investor's perspective, he chases sectors/economies which can grow at a faster rate and provide better ROI. So some investor put the Indians and India together.

Hence somebody sitting somewhere manufactured the Indian VC industry. He took the Indians out of Silicon valley, put them in the native country and expected the model to self manufacture itself.

Some smart entrepreneurs like Indiabulls were on the other side of this system, the consumers. They were one of the million start ups on the internet and india plank who got a start. But unlike other, they very soon dumped the the internet plank and took a U turn and entered conventional businesses.

IndiaBulls ambitions are that of a conglomerate. More on their initial years here,;col1

So ten years hence, one finds a Industry, Money, Investor managers, Desi's returned from US to give something back to their country, start ups etc. But no transaction. Because, there is no market.

VC's have changed direction, they have become more of micro PE funds investing in micro finance, healthcare, hospitality etc.

So, what went wrong. Silicon valley has a system. India does not. The presence of a majority of Indians is merely incidental and speaks on the nomadic nature of Indian psyche.

A market never gives an individual a model. The model has to come from within an individual or a team. The market helps the individual tweak and iterate the model. I wouldn't agree with jumping wildly in a market and expect random experiences to transmogrify into a model.

And if an individual took some model from the market, for how much time can he possibly sustain the high of the novel model? More on this here,

Someday, when I start dabbling in Journalism, I would start giving structure and themes to what I write. 

What is value

One of the challenges, being from a B school is people's insistence on value. Any conversation goes like, where does one bring in value, how can you add value, how do you spot value.

Some management guru had also invented the mathematical formula to calculate value.

I believe like value is a derivative product. Just like a share of a company.

First one needs to do something, create an idea out of thin air and then worry about what/where is the value.