Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Diwali 2012

A few firsts in this Diwali

  • We bought cane based lampshades
  • My first married Diwali
  • I want to go to a temple on an Indian Festival. Not the typical Omkareshwar types, but Ramakrishna Mission in Khar types
  • We have discovered the chocolate shops in Crawford market, when we were trying to find cane lampshades
  • I am paying a rent in Bombay. 
  • I bought an upgrade for a game. Letter press on iPhone. Today
  • I am using a Mac Book Pro( mine) and an iPhone( from Office)

There is this scene in English Vinglish after the video where Amitabh Bachan says something on the first experience - Pehla Anubhav. I like that