Sunday, October 31, 2010


Disregarding the fact that my writing fell to abysmal levels in my last post, I will still go out and write another random post.

Of my many delusional ambitions, one is about working in the development sector for the up-liftment of those who did not have the shots at life that I have been pampered with.I will ignore the reality that I did not end up like many other chasing the great Indian ambition of a small house, a small car then a big house, bigger house etc. But there is still time , to go that way. Let's see, where I end up.

Books I have read:

Growing a business : Paul Hawken
From the Holy Mountains : William Dalrymple

Books I want to read for cheap:
Blood Meridian and The Road both by Cormac McCarthy

To appreciate Will Dam, one should read both, the above and Nine Lives. Nine Lives is intended for Indian middle class, small town,( Dhoni's India? )aspirational readers, who want to be seen in public places reading english books. People who are consumers of nonsense novels from the arm chair English walking-talking population of India.I forget the names of the books, but they are even worse than , The monk who sold his ferrari. That book is a piece of crap shamelessly lifted from Og Mandinho's and Coelho's books. With a pretension of a joke on each page and a nonsense of an allegory.

So Nine Lives is an awesomely simplistic book, the language i.e. And when you read the holy mountain, you realise what the dude is capable of. And he actually lives on a farmhouse outside Delhi. In India. Just why ?

Growing a Business is your normal self help book. A welcome change to the manufactured world of tech start ups , silicon valley, the VC scene etc that I keep consuming. This is not the exhaustive start up scene is what I have come to know.  

He has another explanation of the corporate life
1. Information is politicized, shared unequally. Stemming from inefficiencies's insecurities.
2. Employees often imitate the boss. People aim to please.

An organization as a whole does not require control. His thoughts, not mine. I remain a control freak.

Another thing I discovered is the radio show of This American Life. I had listened to one about the Megator trade and how Hedge funds tried to make the Sub Prime bubble big so that they could gain more from the bigger eventual fall, and left it there. But I went back and some vigorous searching on the web gave me what I always look for, freebies and loopholes. So now I can save the episodes on my cell phone and listen to them in my useless commute time. I was anyways getting bored by Confessions and Emelda.

So, a little bit of lead generation had given me names of people I need to ping to initiate conversations and set up my channels. I am big on setting up channels and systems and becoming indifferent to individual outcomes, in case you wanted to know.

The lead generation had happened a few months back , I guess six months back and I had forgotten all about it. I should have called up those dudes, traveled, met those guys, given my life a direction, but I chickened out.

So when I got an opportunity to travel back again, a hope lit up in my mind and I fetched that email from the hundreds of spam mails I have subscribed to in my quest to get employed a few months back. I wanted to catch up with the three dudes as I was anyways going back. And it looked like a good idea to save their numbers on my cell phone, coz J does not have a very high reliability when it comes to Internet.

I did fetch that email and then typed the first number in my cell, and the smart ass that I am I tried saving them in a particular fashion J space the name of the person. On my first attempt at saving a number, the cell phone gave a message that the name already exists, in exactly the same format.I cancelld the saving and went back and searched entries in that syntax.

And there they were : all three names, perfectly one after the other. Like I wanted them. Before I had actioned my thoughts.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind?

Friday, October 29, 2010

School Buses in Maheshwar

Mandu is a hill station very close to Narmada. And still, I could see water tankers in Mandu delivering water.

Maheshwar is green, a complete about turn to what I have seen in Bundelkhand where entire stretches of land are barren and muddy. In the long run, this is how I believe deserts are made, and bundelkhand might be on the road to become one in the next couple of centuries.

Maheshwar has a lot of yellow colour school buses. Another surprise. A casual chat with the driver of the cab revealed that this market has just exploded.A lot of private schools have mushroomed in maheshwar and with Narmada and a Mumbai Indore national highway at close quarters, two major infrastructure booms people seem to be aspiring for more.

4*400 MW maheshwar dam is also coming up , for almost a decade now. But is expected to become operational soon.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Good Morning

Waking Up
In the dark
In Silence
Listening to your voice

Feeling good
without a reason
Just like that

Starting afresh
A new day
And remembering
Frustrations forgotten

Feeling churlish
The wasted emotions
The far yesterday

Btw who the hell is Cormac Mccarthy, he was leading the ladbrokers odd at winning the Oscar but lost to some spanish dude. And his books are priced, exorbitant and with no hope of finding them in the pirated market in fort.

This country is going to dogs, I am telling you. I just want a Canadian passport and like any crow loving fearing Parsi , jump ship and settle there.