Saturday, February 10, 2007

Son of a smaller God.

Arundhati roy turned upside down.No she wasn't in the picture when this phrase came into mind.But, In retrospect Yes.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Of Burnt Bras

Caufield in conversation with his teacher discoverers that life can be equated to a game with a few buts and ifs thrown in,in The Catcher in the Rye. The ifs and buts essentially describing the rules in the game.As life has progressed ,i have ,on various instances accepted or rejected this viewpoint depending on my convenience.A gentleman also said once to a gathering, of which i was a part,two of man's biggest fears are acceptance and rejection.

Summation of the above yields , If life were a Game Acceptance would be its toughest rule.

A walk down the blog corridor ,and any amateur is blown apart with blogs of feminism and more feminism. Are people interested in what happens when a woman in a group is raped and cannot stand up and fight because the group might reject her.

I heard there was this burning of the bra thing in this movement long time back. Do they still burn bras in the investiture ceremony of feminism.And what happens to those shreds of the clothing left unburnt in the whole process.

Are they still used, as head scarfs or otherwise representative of the historic moment of which they hold a testimony.A moment which was celebrated by lighting up a piece of clothing.

Derision and insensitivity don't come easily to all of us. It needs to be developed and worked on before a certain stage is reached. Its arrival can be announced by an acerbic attack on the protagonist.

A fine middle aged person once tried to teach me a lesson in life. He claimed, If a person learns to laugh at oneself there is no need for him to find humour elsewhere.I understand that might be true at his age.But from where i stand , if you can't laugh at others expense, at their accents,actions and the general body structure,ennui would consume you.

Also a person in this field needs to have very healthy pairs of lower limbs. Rarely the reaction to derision is in the form of personal attacks like ...your nose curves inwards and...and sometimes it can be physical, an occasion not completely unavoidable at times.

Coming back to feminism. What does it exactly talk about, Equality of rights. Any level headed ass would realise that no two human beings are equal and we still haven't come to a person's gender and religious disinclination. The constitution talks otherwise because it's just that.
And yes we have also heard about "every human being in himself is unique and needs to be celebrated as such" thingy.

The beauty in derision is,that, it might be a game after all, but one with no rules. A la-free for all stuff.The kind which we use to play in school, a football game without fouls,where it was ok to push and pull and use langdi to pull people down. A state of free market economics you would say.

On another front , Noam Chomsky is turning interesting,especially the economics stuff and why governments need to continue spending on military.And why free economics is just a good media discussion topic,and just that.