Friday, June 15, 2007

Indore/ Chennai/ Noida.

Yeh Indore se mera blog kaun pad raha hai bhai?

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Whims, Fancies and Sales/ 3 instances.
In a suburban train ...
A : (Hunching forward) So what is your pay
B : (Pause) around 9.
A : Good, So what have you done.
B : (Another pause, sitting backwards ) CA.
A : So it helped you to jump and then come back to this company.
B : Yeah that did help.Also i am doing a CFA as well.
A : That is great.what did you start with.
B :In 2005 with 5.5. That was long time back.
Incidentally they are in my line of business. ( Not the CA part though) What does the crystal ball tell me?
Lady in Bus On Phone : The TN piece is doing great. With the implementation....Yeah...But AP and Banglore..the whole of karnataka hasn't picked up...Yes they are not implementing..(Jargon)...Why don't you mail A and Mark a copy to B and C. That should set the matter straight....
I am telling you mail A ,B , C in that order...haan rey...TN piece is good..who is the sales manager there...
I was sitting outside a Bakery near Bramen circle. Waiting. This old lady dressed up in typical maharastrian dress up with a torch in one hand and a Jute Bag in another was sitting down. Suddenly she yells in marathi..Don't break the bottle, I am sitting here. A cursory look around tells me, it is a typical drinking area in a medium size city near the outskirts, where people usually come to drink. I have observed the shape of the area is usually in a U shape, with flux levels at a comfortable 30 lumens.
Suddenly I find this lady fighting with her patrons( drinkers) to give the used bottle to her and not another person who is dressed in khadi with a gandhi topi thrown in for good measure.
Obviously both do not belong to this generation. And they are competing.
I once thought what was in life was just to give shots, irrespective of the consequences. Today i take back that viewpoint. And actually turn it on its head.
If your shots do not give you results , then what good was the shot anyways. You could as well have not taken the shot.
On a personal note, I have shifted out of campus , back to home. And i don't feel any nostalgia.