Wednesday, November 15, 2006


If you ever wanted to hack my blogger account
here's the user name...title of this post.

As for the password it might be spilled in some future post.

If life were to vibrate at any other frequency than the one i know
today, I want myself at that future point to remember
that this day existed ,somewhere in history.

This day when life just seems to be flying by.
Nothings exceptionally wrong with this life per se, but the
realization that life ain't rocking exists.

Forget Life. Let's talk something interesting.
For some strange reason i went thru the contents of the blog
and felt nice. I was satisfied that my writings don't suck

Yes a spelling mistake here.. a Usage error there,
A few logical inconsistencies everywhere, that's it.

If i discount that it's all readable( to me)

I want this post to be different. It should have a theme,
or a subject whatever you call it
and everything should should be written in consonance
with it.

Also the post should have a structure.. say
an introduction, a body,few examples,a coclusion and the final

Yes sir Structure is life. As i have come to realise in the last
few days. It eases the job of the reader, it makes
prose easier for him to read, a lot more predictable.
A lot less trashable( that ain't yet passed the queen's test.
Not yet)

Life'a big hole. I wanted to drift away from the topic
of life and i just come back to it
after a small detour talking crap about structure.

There was this question bugging me for some time.
What is the difference between natural enthusiasm and
artificial enthusiasm.

Everybody here says you gotta be enthusiastic.
Have zest for life. Need to look forward
to an .....whatever.

The expression of enthusiasm , can that be
labeled as enthusiasm. Fine if i choose to
disagree with this belief, and a person wishes
to judge a person's enthusiasm, then how may it be

I need to complete an assignment and need to run to
a friend's room. The assignment asks us to write a resignation
Bolly shit. I am here for that. And yes
i will write it

then i need to prepare questions for a telephonic interview
i need to take.

Then i might watch a movie..But i am not sure if i will
survive that long..

I love George Best.