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Sunday, November 18, 2007

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Me: Hi
Him : Hi, How have you been.
M: Okish....
H : Start..., You wanted to talk about something , right...
M: Hmm...It's got to do with my life...I did an Engineering , and afte that realised that i really didn't want to do it...then i did an MBA...and realised the same thing again....i have done a job now and quit it after 6 months...
H: OK..
M: You remember me coming to you before the GD/PIs of B schools, I was good at GDs and then one fine day we started with Interviews...mine first, with you lasted for about 3 mins...
H: It is coming back...yes I recall a bit now....
M: I kinda think you might have been through this phase yourself...
H : I did.And it was tough..In your case at least you could take up employment...I couldn't make myself take up employment...So what do you want from your life?
M : I want success.. but it just doesn't seem ..
H : want everything the people want...but you don't want to play by their games..
M : Yeah..
H: So you don't want to suck up to them as others usually do..
M : Yeah..Also i some times feel like this world wasn't meant for me..
H : OK...Look , At anyday, All other things being equal, your boss or someone else would favour a person he likes, is friendly with ..right.
Listen, from our birth we are taught to obey, and since no one likes it we indulge in this race to supremacy so one fine day we can rule and have to obey no one...
So either accept this fact of life or accept the fact that you cann't suck up to people and be ready for how it turns out, and be OK with it...
You have two options, either become what you see around or do what you like and then don't expect things to turn out fine...Also if you want the things to be different..make them different in your life first..
What do you want to do with your life?
Me: Donno...Am really searching for my calling in life...but sometimes I wonder, What i don't ever find my calling in my life...then what..
H : Make every moment your calling in Life...At any point in life we are usually worrying about what happened in the past or how would tomorrow turn out...And we forget the present moment..Concentrate on the task ahead and do it to best of your abilities..also do what you like doing and then do it...but never factor in the returns in that case...
M : I did this online test sometime back and it threw up the result that i was a schizoid ..
H : Like in schizophrenia ..explain me what it means..
M : Like i cannot feel what people feel..usually i cann't empathise with them...etc..
H : But isn't it desirable that you do
M : Then i won't be myself..
H : Why do you give yourself so much importance. Look it from this have an ailment and some tissue /part of the body needs to be you come up with a suggestion that , you won't allow it because ,after it, you won't remain yourself...
Understand this part..don't give yourself too much value and understand which changes are desirable...tomorrow you will have a family etc..wouldn't you want to feel their emotions or would you just play hardball on being yourself...
M: Yeah..
H :Life should pass in an this(Clicks using two fingers) people...and make every moment your calling...because even if you do find your calling, you would get bored of it as soon as you get there...that's human nature.
...look you are a determined chappie...once you thought CAT karna hai to you did it , then interviews were a big struggle , but you were determined so you did well in them too..i had a very small part to play in did well because you wanted to do well. should be confident and proud of yourself in spite of your did them..and now it is over...forget them...
...Your another problem is that you are an achiever..people are always looking upto you from that perspective.