Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Things not to worry about.

Parity in scale or renumeration
Role clarity
People not backing u

Things to worry about

Do u still believe in urself
Confidence level
Why did u come here

When you look back at the immediate past there was one part you lost badly, an ability to believe in yourself. You allowed this world to decide what you were and what you were not and similarly what you could be good at and at what , not.

Things do get difficult at times , but throughout you need to keep the self belief boat afloat hereafter.

I still haven't read The Great Gatsby , but instead have browsed through letters Fitzgerald wrote his teen aged daughter. In one of them he makes an entirely different list, though under similar heads, as above.

I have always believed that when one enters a garden looking for a rose and finds a lily, one need not be disappointed but be open enough to admit that lilies can be sweeter than roses.

When we make new plans and start new things we have a vague idea of how we want things to turn out . Life is usually a tad different. Still,

Explore. Learn . Discover.