Tuesday, December 26, 2006


My exams finished on friday. At least for a very long time my last exams.
In the end the much hyped MBA just got down to completing a few papers
,just completing. Because no matter how hard you tried you would still find failing an impossibility.
The sad part is that , That utopia has come to an end and from now there will be stages
where failing wouldn't be that much more difficult.

As usual alcohol marked the culmination of my exams.When i came back and was about to drop dead to sleep, surya pulled me out to give him company for dinner at Pakhtoon. It is quite funny when u are sitting in a restaurant sipping water while the other person is blissfully having his meal.

Never mind that , on my arrival back to campus sharba gave an invite for his party.
It was to be his last day at the campus as a bachelor.Most of the time we were having fun and ridiculing each other, while i couldn't gulp even plain sprite.

When i checked my ip, vivekanand a junior was requesting for some gyan. I obliged .
And conversed with him for a very long time. If i was making some sense or not, i will leave that to his better judgment.

Finally sleep dawned at about 2 AM.

Shankar woke me up at around 5 :45. Around 6:30 i left the campus only to reach churchgate at around 7 :30 only to realize swapnil was going to be royally late. So decided it was better to walk up to Gateway than waste money on Cab.

Gateway was a surprise. For the first time i saw a Q outside Maaldar, the ferry running company. After thinking for 10 mins thew mind struck a goldmine . If i was just going to stand there, i might as well stand in the Q. So much for those self professed analytical skills.

We were about the last to board the ferry and yours truly was the only one to get a place to sit. The other three had to stand for the whole duration.

To be continued.

Saturday, December 09, 2006


I am Happy. Many of my classmates got placed today.With salaries touching a level, I have always believed, MBAs never deserve. If not MBAs, at least guys in their mid 20's should rathar not be given this much.Still it's a tad less than what's on offer in Top 3 B schools. I conversed with a few of my friends about their interviews.


1.Walked out of academics during 2/3 year of engineering.
2.Believed Life was meant to be lived for the moment.
3.Never believed in certifications.
4.Never had a plan.
5.Never bothered to check with the refree, what were the rules of the game.
6.Never Believed in international certification courses.
7.Never participated in B schools competions ,seriously.
8.Never valued knowledge.
9.No this is not a 10 point answer to a question.
10. Overconfidence

I was never passionate about bikes. But there was this ad on the back cover of a magazine. It carried a snap of a rugged looking guy along with a bike. Alongside was something written, like, I didn't abide by the rules, I took a longer time to achieve goals which my peers achieved well before I did . But i did it my way etc

I might have been anywhere between 10-15 when i saw the ad for the only time I ever saw it.
In banglore the last time, while taking an after dinner walk , my bro blasted me for about 20 minutes to try to take my academics seriously.I kept on defending with the only defence i had, i don't believe in something, why should i indulge in it.Neither of us yielded.

1.Do only what you like doing.
2. Enjoy whatever you do, otherwise walk out of it.

Well, the hen's come home to roost today. Apocalyptica is playing in the background on my comp. Never care for what they do.Sweet Irony.

Now i juxtapose the Stance and The Mistakes. Or better still throw them all in a bag and forget all about this bag business.

One day in future i pick this bag . Then i pick up one point from the bag. Say it is Mistakes.7
Will i still be able to classify it as a mistake or a stance. For that matter will i still remember the classification i had made years ago.I might.I might not.

It is easier to be impulsive and jump to judgements/decisions. It is tougher to analyse them over a given time frame and then judge them.Even if that is accomplished, would one have lived for the moment, doing so.

The quest of brutality is to stand up to your mistakes and say.
I did 'em.
I will do 'em again.


1. Relax.
2.Tomorrow might be worse.
3.Don't listen to Apocalyptica.
4.Always finish a 10 point answer with 10 ponts.
5.Why bother about rules of the game, you didn't invent them anyways.
6. You never expected life to be a bed of roses. Continue to expect the same.

When i started this piece, i was feeling heavy, now am a bit lighter.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Ek abhivyakti ki parikalpana ki paribhasha hoon

Koi vyang ka sar nahin

Ek kataksh ka chor hoon

kisi roshni ke anth se prarambh hua

Ek geet ki gahriyon main mehsoos hua

kisi mali ki kali se ubharne ki apesha hooon

Ek dariya main jhone ki kwahish hoon

.....after more than 10 -12 years.

A good friend says it is very crude. Still.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Red on White

I got hurt today. Scratched my knee cap against an edge of a metal table drawer.
What initially appeared as the surface of the bone (My bone) was merely a part of
the skin. It left a white mark on my skin with blood trying to edge out from one side.
So it' s Red on White.

It's more than 12 hrs since the accident and the surface still remains like that only.
Red on White background. No the white thing is not my bone.

The whole thing made me remind of an hospital test i had in a pathological lab
years ago, where the skin was skimmed.

I browsed through a friends blog. Towards the end of the first post i read,
I could sense a pain developing in my gut.

For an indifferent person , at least that is how i wish to cultivate my self Image,
indifferent to how further it's from reality,to feel a pain after reading a blog is really
a feeling which should not be put into words.

Simply put it's about how he broke up with his long time Girl Friend or as he put it,how she ditched him.I understand there is a certain way to break up relationships, when both party agree (Relationship type, unimportant) that some thing's missing or frequencies have been jumped.

But it rarely happens that way.Reasons can be proposed and disposed, but this is no debate

I think the pain was a non verbal method of my self communicating with my self. That I was sorry for him that he had to undergo what he had to undergo.

If you are thinking pain is the common thread thought this post , you are wrong. It is just by chance.

I borrowed dettol from my friend and dressed up the cut, without any cream, because none was to be found. Sometimes try to dress up your own wounds and you will realise what an effort it takes to do that. I did this for the first time today , trying two different ways to tie the knot.

The first one was the type my mother does it when she is tending to my wounds. Today I realised it wasn't just heartbreakingly tough, but impossible for me to just repeat what she so effortlessly accomplishes . So i had to try a crude knot which worked.

Knots are used to make sure the cotton stays on the wound preventing any bacteria/ virus from seeking any unsolicited accommodation.Not exactly knots but the white , flat , windowed,
rope/ cloth. The knot is merely a ceremonial gesture signifying the completion of dressing.

The name of that friend continues to remain Vipin.

I am currently reading Chomsky's Understanding Power. Also I hereby declare bookmarks to be complete nuisance and an impediment to Humanity's/ Civilizations (If any) future developments.

Nothing in world can replace the pleasure of trying to reach the exact point where you had stopped reading, the last time around.

My fingers are paining. This is my longest typed -post-in-one-sitting record holder.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


If you ever wanted to hack my blogger account
here's the user name...title of this post.

As for the password it might be spilled in some future post.

If life were to vibrate at any other frequency than the one i know
today, I want myself at that future point to remember
that this day existed ,somewhere in history.

This day when life just seems to be flying by.
Nothings exceptionally wrong with this life per se, but the
realization that life ain't rocking exists.

Forget Life. Let's talk something interesting.
For some strange reason i went thru the contents of the blog
and felt nice. I was satisfied that my writings don't suck

Yes a spelling mistake here.. a Usage error there,
A few logical inconsistencies everywhere, that's it.

If i discount that it's all readable( to me)

I want this post to be different. It should have a theme,
or a subject whatever you call it
and everything should should be written in consonance
with it.

Also the post should have a structure.. say
an introduction, a body,few examples,a coclusion and the final

Yes sir Structure is life. As i have come to realise in the last
few days. It eases the job of the reader, it makes
prose easier for him to read, a lot more predictable.
A lot less trashable( that ain't yet passed the queen's test.
Not yet)

Life'a big hole. I wanted to drift away from the topic
of life and i just come back to it
after a small detour talking crap about structure.

There was this question bugging me for some time.
What is the difference between natural enthusiasm and
artificial enthusiasm.

Everybody here says you gotta be enthusiastic.
Have zest for life. Need to look forward
to an .....whatever.

The expression of enthusiasm , can that be
labeled as enthusiasm. Fine if i choose to
disagree with this belief, and a person wishes
to judge a person's enthusiasm, then how may it be

I need to complete an assignment and need to run to
a friend's room. The assignment asks us to write a resignation
Bolly shit. I am here for that. And yes
i will write it

then i need to prepare questions for a telephonic interview
i need to take.

Then i might watch a movie..But i am not sure if i will
survive that long..

I love George Best.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


The friday sessions are passe.History.
Now it is different.

The world has three fidays in a week now,
and it is not necessary for at least or at most
(2 strange terms taught in maths many years back
by a maths junkie)
for them to coincide with the conventional Fridays.

I say life's in Fridays..
And if it is so have as many as you want .
Such is Life

My entry for a screener fior mock parliament debate.

Good News: The screener made it.
Bad News : I lost all 3 debates in the first round robin parliamentary style debating.

The House will pop the pill and Party( Motion)

Respected Mr(s) Speaker,

1. Members of the Parliament (Henceforth referred to as MP’s) do not usually, let their hair down and those without any do not shake their paunch resulting in increased instances of violence within these esteemed precincts. MP’s use violence as a vent for their pent up emotions which result from bribers not paying on time, Gundas not breaking exact number of bones and needless pregnancies due to faulty contraceptives manufactured by relatives from their wife’s side, usually her brother.

2. It is about time, MP’s confronted their problems which strangely also include the people who elected them and some strange country which they represent. What country? Which people? Anyways.

3 a)Definition : The motion proposes to make it compulsory for all MP’s to once a week Come to Parliament, Pop any pill given to them ( which might vary from Vicks to Viagra) which would be determined by equations derived by nuclear scientists of this country who have been sitting idle after bursting two crackers some years back. (We believe some other cracker has been burst somewhere in the east. Never believe Easterners.)

3 b) After popping the pill the MP’s will be expected to indulge in theatrics, physical or otherwise with others or themselves ,making use of whatever little infrastructure is left in the Parliament.

3 c)There are so many chairs lying unbroken in the parliament, still these media people keep shouting about some or other infrastructure. I propose they should be called here during our Party perforce and dictated what to write. Of course this is the largest, strongest and most thriving democracy in the world

3 d) All doctors from AIMS will be called to administer first Aid or any further aids as might be the need of the hour. Take my word ALL will be here including their director

4. Logical Link: The motion is in accordance of our ancient principle vasudev kutumbkam, the whole parliament is our home and we shall tolerate only peace here.

5. Meanings of terms: Popping the pill would primarily mean as is mentioned in 3 a), Bhojpuri songs with cattle, oh sorry Jersey lead singers, may be added The concept of party is Indian and was forgotten many centuries ago, it finds mention in Harappa and mohenjodaro . It has no western connection; In fact it was our forefathers who gifted the concept of “party” to the westerners.

6. Case Statement: Take Pill Be chill.

7. A limiting context: The debate is open to anything but questions in the parliament.

8. The burden of proposition: We are the greatest nation. By Tautology this motion shall be the greatest.

9 Constructive arguments:
a) Chaos in the parliament and embarrassing behaviour, by MP’s which is looked down by fellow citizenry can be conveniently labeled party time.
b) If someday their has to be an Indian Guy Fawkes, Party time would be the best for him.
c) It might start a movement and the whole country might go into party mode, as some spiritualists preach anyway, and the country will be free from the jarring news readers monitoring stocks by the Pico second, Modern day yoga gurus who have taken away cartoon time from children and Military strategists who never fought even one war.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I have a Dream.

UN Song

No Man is an Island
No man stands alone.

Each man's joy is joy to me,
Each Man's grief is my own.

So i will defend,
Each Man as my brother,
Each man as my friend.

This might have some mistakes, pardon me for them.
Also if i am violating any copyrights
please sound me, and i will pull this post off..
(The people who keeps suing really give me jitters)

I am not really sure if i should have lived my life
as i have, in the last one year.
Ok , given that i keep bragging , i have no regrets ,
But really there have been some chinks.

My next trimester will be like this
(Though i was a pessimist by birth, i have evolved(really??))

Evey friday at 10 PM , i will start a party in my room.
Never mind if i am its only benefactor. Start I will.

I will buy all the drinks i wanna drink and I
will borrow 4.1 from some dear friend.

The party will be open to all,
Any body who wants to come and have drinks would be welcome.
I will keep a box in which people who are having drinks
may drop cash. Neither wili i see who is dropping how much
nor will I worry if anyone is dropping anything, whatsoever.

You see, you are missing the whole point.
Money is not a criterion.

Have drinks from my pocket for all i care.

Two situations might arise.
I go broke on the first Friday itself.
Or i start making money from these parties
(Farfetched, Yes. Impossible, Absolutely
What did you expect here, a "no"))

Accepted that my pockets are not very deep.
But funds can be arranged.How???

That i will decide when i reach Thames.

But a technical problem needs to be addressed ,
How to keep the drinks cold.
Does some process exist by which i can manufacture
ice in my room ,and that too in an inexpensive manner.

I'll google up something for it,
"It is but a small obstacle"
(quote from a very beautiful book,
But i won't name it)

And then, I'll Partyyyyyy.

When I came here , i had heard about parties et all
I have always been waiting for them,For an eternity now.
But I guess they just do not happen.

I don't aspire to be the creator of one.Balls.
I just wanna have a ball, and that I will.

Yes it might happen that I am
the only one around every friday at 10.

No man is an Island. Ohh really!!

Animated Counters

Animated Counters

Friday, September 01, 2006


1.The sensation caused by heat energy
2.A warmhearted feeling
3.The quality of having a moderate degree of heat
4.The trait of being intensely emotional
5.A quality proceeding from feelings of affection or love

I am roughly referring to Number 5.
A feeling , with the use of which a human being keeps
his contact with his fellow beings on an
acceptable level. I am not talking of love in the
brow beaten way, more like affection.

In any relationship a degree of warmth is essential.
The realisation of which is often expected , and
the gratification of the same is pleasantly accepted.

To give an example, if a person (say A ) is in the habbit
of feeling lonely, and when expressed this explicitly
or implicitly , B , Hugs A, Always.

The gender of A and B can be anything.Hug is a statement
of expression of warmth.
Other examples of warmth can be: a frequent conversation,
normal coffee table chat, wassup, going out together,
Empathising, sympathising etc.

Now, what if a person doesn't feel the presence
of warmth within him. It just cold out there,
a leaden heart. What would he/she(say C) do.

Usually this coldness is expressed in a form of
indifference and a complete failure to emote
on the input of the other person's statement.

Suppose now again that C has realisd that he/she
is a pretty cold person, and the civilisation
would have prefferd it to be the other way.
Now C tries to feel what people say, sometimes trying to
emote things he has never felt within himself.

Should he be commended or rejected .Labelled,
an Hypocrite.(A person who professes beliefs and opinions
that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his
or her real feelings or motives). Is hypocrite such a
derogatory word!

Ladies and Gentleman,
Does society accept C?
Does C need an acceptance?
What is acceptance?

It's not for me to answer these questions.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Nothing changed.

1.Mid term did not happen.
2.I did not get any sleep in the night.(I'm not an insomniac yet.)
3.Life has moved on.
4.I forgot to call my niece, on her birthday.

Well, I had a reminder in my cell. But i slept through it.
If you are searching for some theme or subject in this post,
please get lost.I don't think it would have any. Not now.

It really hurt, what i forgot.
I'm not the kind of peerson , who forgets anythng,when he chooses
to remember it.I think that's why it hurt more.
It wasn't expected fro me.

Am i getting old?Pretty fast?
Maugham at one place in Human Bondage says ,
Youth is the toughest phase of Life.I quite agree with him. Why?
What will you do knowing my amswer to that.
Buzz off.

Why am i being so rude?
and why am i asking so many questions.
I just had this idea of renaming the post BULL SHIT.
It deserves to be called a lot more names,
but since it is my own we will calibrate our anger
against the crap which you are forcing yourself to read.
hmmm, what more to say.

I went to SP again.
Was feeling like drinking so i went their.
Had vodka due to peer pressure, though would have prefered
Beer.( Don't you know, it's safe for the body)

I said again just like that.
I donn't go there everyday.
Their is this person, whom i have seen before at SP.
Friendly guy. I think he drinks everyday.
But this guy did not appear to be an alcoholic.What can i say?

What would a life be when you drink everyday?
If i would do that ,would I be embracing Life or rejecting it.
Would it be a statement of dissent , or whatever.

I have always thought a day will come and BANG
i will quit drinking , just like that.

I will walk out of drinking just like that as if i never drank before.
I am quite someone at just walking out.

I believe myself too much to question a scenario,
which could be otherwise.

I know this has been a pretty disconnected and useless post
with infinite questions and what not.
Perhaps it exits because i just wanted to blog.

Maugham, at some other place says,
He writes just for himself. And nothing else.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


The previous post sucked.It really did.(about woman, not mid term, i changed my clock settings from US to here, so technically Random is been shown as latest,
while the latest actually is Midterm)
I knew it when i was composing it, but wrote it anyway.

I'm sorry.To myself .For writing it.
Life's a bore.

I've been sleeping for most of the day.

Did i ever wonder how many types of sleep, their were.
The best is which you get the fastest and usually the input is
lack or absence of sleep the previous night.

The worst is , when you want to sleep, because you don't want to do anything.
The problem is ,there are things to be done, a road to be walked.

But you chose, at the moment ,to just , do nothing.

Somewhere in middle is the one where you keep poping in and out of conciousness.
It happens when the body says it's morning and you better wake up,
but your heart says what's the point in waking up,When you have nothing to do.

You keep popping out and look into your mobile to see , what's the time.
Usually this happens till 1:30 in the afternoon.

Then you get ready and go to the canteen to find that the raita(today's speciality) has been finished.
No ,i don't use curse words that often.I blissfully have my roties
pitying the others who just have bread slices left fot them.

I used italics for finished because
1. Perhaps the usage is wrong. (So is perhaps at the beginning of this Line)
2. The alternative meaning(heard of something called pun?)
it serves is funny in my crooked world.
Mid Term.

I have a strategy mid term tomorrow.ie about 4.5 hours hence.
Thence i am going to be split.

I love mid Terms, I never got them in my Engineering college.
We had many assignments then. Many and ..(we will let go off a comment on
their quality here.)

So in short this concept of mid terms was quite new to me here.
And initially, which was 1 year back, i was excited about the whole thing.

I still am. So ,i have a case tomorrow, bless the teacher's soul , nothing to mug up, not yet.
And about a month back, their happened this phenomena of my reading the case.

We will leave out, the details of the case ,for now.
Yes, it is very well written and took me about 5 attempts to complete reading it.
Pretty interesting overall.

My only point is when everything has been said and done by the person who wrote this, what am i expected to do.
Comment on the speling mistakes in the case?

Well , i guess , No. The professor would expect quality analysis from me.
If i am in a mood to sit for long and amuse myself by answering the questions.
I will sit and answer them, Otherwise,
I will still sit there and allow someone sitting besides me to answer the questions.

What do i like about tomorrow's mid term?
It would / might be my only mid term of this season(read trimester)
I would have loved more, but luck's running out.

I Donn't know why other professors don't take mid terms.(they might have given up on us or themselves, who knows.)

At least in subjects i donn't mind giving(I know the right usage is , Take. I still love Balls)

Coming to the analysis of the case.
Fine, don't kill me, i'll describe the case for you.
It's about GM ,Ford and later Chrysler, written somewhere around late 80's. My guess.
Doesn't talk about the GM fiasco of 90's.

And in my opinion the case is all bull shit. For me, life's about taking stands.
And continuing to stand for your ideas, beliefs or horseshits.

Initially the authors commend Henry Ford, when he succeeds in the 20's, and later blasts him, in the late 30's when GM has wrested the initiative from ford(What shitty english).

It is raining outside, and though it is dark
I ,lot more ,prefer watching the rain than contining to complete this post.
Thank you.

Friday, August 25, 2006


What to do when you meet a woman.
Nothing much. Just Make an attempt to open your mouth
and try to utter something comprehensible.
Am i asking a lot. Yes.

Fine We wil do this slowly, when you see a woman
(irrespective of the degree of acquaintace/ or past physical impressions which she might have created on your body making use of her accessories like purse or sandals.)

1. Look into her eyes.
2 Not very sharply you ass, you are not eyeing a piece of bone.
3. First use your eyes to acknowledge her.
It might just be that she hates you for all you know.

Never mind . She is neither the first, nor the last .

Haven't you seen that archies poster of never..never.....never give up.
You are its protagonist.Keep loking at her n times. At (n+1)th time she
will get embarassed and acknowledge you.

4. Don't, i repeat don't ,jump up in the air just then.

5. Curl up your lips in a way as if you were saying Hi.

6. Don't worry, you won't ever have the gumption to say Hi,
at least she will get an impression that you might have said Hi.

Ok if you have done so much you don't need to read further, do the rest of things yourself.

Just saw the movie,Gods must be crazy , yesterday. The sequence in the final sequence
when the guy meets the girls and tries to make and attempt to to communicate was pretty hilarious. Unfortunately, It could as well have been Me there.

It's so easy to give people a 6 pointer Algorithms on how to react when in the presence of the opposite gender Than follow it yourself.

I once heard that you gotta approach 40 girls before one starts to speak with you.
Make that eighty for me.
No Infinity.

I am quite someone at rhyming words.A la Mozart. ( I know he was a musician,
I hope he did some seminal work on rhyming his compositions as well.)

Poor man was blind, but i hope he had more luck when it came to women.

No sir , I am not asking for anything. Just a chance to utter comprehensible
prose.That's it.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Jump.

Ok , It is this way.
A few seasons hence , there would be a process
which would decide where i head next.
My problem is , i keep fooling myself by saying..
I will worry about the bridge, When I reach the River.

Which is pure baloney

The river hasn't come but it leaves me worried.

Ok, let's assume the river has come and you are walking on The Bridge.
You reach the centre point and from there you have to Jump.

Once you have jumped you might fly away and fade into the twilight,
or you might just fall into water like a dead weight.

And then. Then. Then.Then

Then there would be another morning.
The World's Been Waiting.

No sir it is not waiting, least of all for you
to start writing a Blog.

Do i write decently well.No i donn't.
Am am Intelligent . No i am not.
Do i have great ideas. Yes.
Do i know how to express them wonderfully. Who cares.

People would say Balls is a better retort than Who. Ok. Balls.

Speaking on ideas the latest which has hit me is...

Sleeping is a Hobby. This post is not a treatise on sleeping.
I have been sleeping like a madman for the past 48 hours.
When ever i find time to do anything , i hit my bed.
My reasoning is simple .If i don't sleep, I will get a guilty feeling that i am not spending mmy time efficiently .Well u can pick up where this line of reasoning would

So i sleep. Gleefully.Regretfully.But Fully.

Me and my sick sense of humour.

The sky is wonderfully blue from my window (Yes i know words like ceruline and azzure do exist)

Dark Blue. But Blue. I have never loved Blue before, I might never again.
But sitting here in my chair. I do .

Is Sex a Metaphor

Why Cann't i have sex with the pond.

I Stand on the periphery, look at the calmness that is my pond and want to
unite with it. What do i do.
I take a dip in the pond.

Had i wanted to have sex , What would have i done.
Just jumped in the pond without making an effort to swim.

Or should i make use of my facilities to float, and not drown.

Would sex , or the process of which,be complete
if i just float. Accepted that i am a floater and i have always floated
around, should i also float , when having sex with the pond?