Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How IIT preparation is evolving

I read IITian full page ad in Mumbai Mirror and froze for a moment. They were talking something like hybrid colleges, where the colleges teach the IIT syllabus and also normal HSC stuff.

I guess this is a very normal practice in Kota, where the whole of India seems to be turning up for JEE preparation.But before Kota happened to JEE, Hyderabad had happened. There was this phase i think in 1990's where a majority of students in IITs were from Hyderabad through two coaching institutes, Ramaihah and Krishnamoorthy. And there was this college Vignan which gave you an easy admission and virtual attendance free environment if you came from either of these two coaching institutions.

The coaching market has evolved and I feel cold in my feet thinking, how the market moved from Hyderabad to Kota and now is taking over Mumbai. IITianpace uses youtube to further talk about it's message.

The founder is cautious while selling IIT coaching to 8th standard students and calls this a healthy trend.

I don't know how this market will evolve but I won't be surprised if in the near future IIT's stop JEE and implement an American model of technical education which banks a lot on recommendations and is mostly subjective.

A lot of PE players have invested in IIT coaching classes. Links and video below.

Matrix investing in FIIT JEE
Nadathur in career point 
Milestone Religare in IMS 
Milestone Religare in Resonance Eduventures

Thursday, April 01, 2010

One of those nights

When I don't want to sleep. I am listening continuously to bandi song from LSD.

But I am in-the-money on a naked option. And I have to track it real time, so that I do not ending up blowing it up completely. I am already in notional loss. So I need to wake up before 9 AM tomorrow.

I saw LSD today. Well, I did not find anything obscene in it. A combination of hard hitting irony, simple Indian flimsy gore, and a masterpiece of a juxtaposition.

Had I been on campus, would have started a movie now and taken a stroll in the morning before going to sleep.

31st March 2010. An end.

Another beginning beckons. Where?