Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Things to research on

A classification of the development sector

  • Grass Root work
  • Allied work

A grass root work may be difficult as it entails going to the project site and working. When I include the bias of my age and the stage i am in my life cycle.

In the allied space:

1. Confluence of Business and development space is interesting
2. Social Investment
3. Informational services for Agri, Dairy, seed space

Companies in Social Investment

In Mobile space

In energy

In Clean Development Mechanism( CDM) space

  • UNDP
  • US AID 


  • Research center
  • Center for development finance
  • Center for micro finance

Consulting space

In ILFS, Cluster development Initiative wing

Internet for rural market

A career in this space will set you back by about five years in terms of compensation.

Husk is doing good today, because it is operationally profitable. The management cost is provided by grants. As it moves forwards and scales up, the management cost will be apportioned to a scaled up operation, and this scaled up operation may then provide cash flows for the management cost.

It is kind of a chicken and egg.

Mumbai has lot of consulting companies in this space. But will you really enjoy doing the consulting work. From the compensation angle consulting will be your best bet.

Delhi is the hub of NGO companies. Both demand and supply meet here.

This assessment is based on the past trends, and with the expectation that the future will be like the past. This is the main assumption in our discussion.