Sunday, August 10, 2014

Day 8-9 : Arugam bay

Stardust is a cottage which was washed away by the Tsunami. It's owner also lost his life in the Tsunami, but his wife survived. His wife has since rebuild Stardust back from scratch and what a wonderful cottage it is. The owner keeps going back to Sweden so I did not meet her, but another young Swede couple were running the hotel and it was pleasant staying there.

Tsunami is a very normal topic here. The tuk tuk driver we hired hung on to his life by holding on to a coconut tree. He though lost his brother.

Startdust is the very first cottage on this arc of seafront. It's interiors are wonderfully done and while the food id a trifle expensive it's worth the price.

A lot of Europeans live on the cottages adjoining Startdust and we felt like we were sitting in an European pub when we visited on of the cottages for dinner.

Arugam Bay was one of the resorts where we had a two/three night halt so we took it easy while we were here. We also did visit a close by National park to see Elephants, but instead saw a few crocodiles.

The cultural part of our trip had come to an end we were again by the sea, though on the other side of the Island and were enjoying ourselves to the hilt.

The interiors are done with wood, there's a small table lamp where one can sit and read/write. The difficult part though are the nights. It's so close to the Sea that you keep hearing the waves crashing on the shoreline. And someone tells you there was a Tsunami just a couple of years back.

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