Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Nothing changed.

1.Mid term did not happen.
2.I did not get any sleep in the night.(I'm not an insomniac yet.)
3.Life has moved on.
4.I forgot to call my niece, on her birthday.

Well, I had a reminder in my cell. But i slept through it.
If you are searching for some theme or subject in this post,
please get lost.I don't think it would have any. Not now.

It really hurt, what i forgot.
I'm not the kind of peerson , who forgets anythng,when he chooses
to remember it.I think that's why it hurt more.
It wasn't expected fro me.

Am i getting old?Pretty fast?
Maugham at one place in Human Bondage says ,
Youth is the toughest phase of Life.I quite agree with him. Why?
What will you do knowing my amswer to that.
Buzz off.

Why am i being so rude?
and why am i asking so many questions.
I just had this idea of renaming the post BULL SHIT.
It deserves to be called a lot more names,
but since it is my own we will calibrate our anger
against the crap which you are forcing yourself to read.
hmmm, what more to say.

I went to SP again.
Was feeling like drinking so i went their.
Had vodka due to peer pressure, though would have prefered
Beer.( Don't you know, it's safe for the body)

I said again just like that.
I donn't go there everyday.
Their is this person, whom i have seen before at SP.
Friendly guy. I think he drinks everyday.
But this guy did not appear to be an alcoholic.What can i say?

What would a life be when you drink everyday?
If i would do that ,would I be embracing Life or rejecting it.
Would it be a statement of dissent , or whatever.

I have always thought a day will come and BANG
i will quit drinking , just like that.

I will walk out of drinking just like that as if i never drank before.
I am quite someone at just walking out.

I believe myself too much to question a scenario,
which could be otherwise.

I know this has been a pretty disconnected and useless post
with infinite questions and what not.
Perhaps it exits because i just wanted to blog.

Maugham, at some other place says,
He writes just for himself. And nothing else.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


The previous post sucked.It really did.(about woman, not mid term, i changed my clock settings from US to here, so technically Random is been shown as latest,
while the latest actually is Midterm)
I knew it when i was composing it, but wrote it anyway.

I'm sorry.To myself .For writing it.
Life's a bore.

I've been sleeping for most of the day.

Did i ever wonder how many types of sleep, their were.
The best is which you get the fastest and usually the input is
lack or absence of sleep the previous night.

The worst is , when you want to sleep, because you don't want to do anything.
The problem is ,there are things to be done, a road to be walked.

But you chose, at the moment ,to just , do nothing.

Somewhere in middle is the one where you keep poping in and out of conciousness.
It happens when the body says it's morning and you better wake up,
but your heart says what's the point in waking up,When you have nothing to do.

You keep popping out and look into your mobile to see , what's the time.
Usually this happens till 1:30 in the afternoon.

Then you get ready and go to the canteen to find that the raita(today's speciality) has been finished.
No ,i don't use curse words that often.I blissfully have my roties
pitying the others who just have bread slices left fot them.

I used italics for finished because
1. Perhaps the usage is wrong. (So is perhaps at the beginning of this Line)
2. The alternative meaning(heard of something called pun?)
it serves is funny in my crooked world.
Mid Term.

I have a strategy mid term about 4.5 hours hence.
Thence i am going to be split.

I love mid Terms, I never got them in my Engineering college.
We had many assignments then. Many and ..(we will let go off a comment on
their quality here.)

So in short this concept of mid terms was quite new to me here.
And initially, which was 1 year back, i was excited about the whole thing.

I still am. So ,i have a case tomorrow, bless the teacher's soul , nothing to mug up, not yet.
And about a month back, their happened this phenomena of my reading the case.

We will leave out, the details of the case ,for now.
Yes, it is very well written and took me about 5 attempts to complete reading it.
Pretty interesting overall.

My only point is when everything has been said and done by the person who wrote this, what am i expected to do.
Comment on the speling mistakes in the case?

Well , i guess , No. The professor would expect quality analysis from me.
If i am in a mood to sit for long and amuse myself by answering the questions.
I will sit and answer them, Otherwise,
I will still sit there and allow someone sitting besides me to answer the questions.

What do i like about tomorrow's mid term?
It would / might be my only mid term of this season(read trimester)
I would have loved more, but luck's running out.

I Donn't know why other professors don't take mid terms.(they might have given up on us or themselves, who knows.)

At least in subjects i donn't mind giving(I know the right usage is , Take. I still love Balls)

Coming to the analysis of the case.
Fine, don't kill me, i'll describe the case for you.
It's about GM ,Ford and later Chrysler, written somewhere around late 80's. My guess.
Doesn't talk about the GM fiasco of 90's.

And in my opinion the case is all bull shit. For me, life's about taking stands.
And continuing to stand for your ideas, beliefs or horseshits.

Initially the authors commend Henry Ford, when he succeeds in the 20's, and later blasts him, in the late 30's when GM has wrested the initiative from ford(What shitty english).

It is raining outside, and though it is dark
I ,lot more ,prefer watching the rain than contining to complete this post.
Thank you.

Friday, August 25, 2006


What to do when you meet a woman.
Nothing much. Just Make an attempt to open your mouth
and try to utter something comprehensible.
Am i asking a lot. Yes.

Fine We wil do this slowly, when you see a woman
(irrespective of the degree of acquaintace/ or past physical impressions which she might have created on your body making use of her accessories like purse or sandals.)

1. Look into her eyes.
2 Not very sharply you ass, you are not eyeing a piece of bone.
3. First use your eyes to acknowledge her.
It might just be that she hates you for all you know.

Never mind . She is neither the first, nor the last .

Haven't you seen that archies poster of never..never.....never give up.
You are its protagonist.Keep loking at her n times. At (n+1)th time she
will get embarassed and acknowledge you.

4. Don't, i repeat don't ,jump up in the air just then.

5. Curl up your lips in a way as if you were saying Hi.

6. Don't worry, you won't ever have the gumption to say Hi,
at least she will get an impression that you might have said Hi.

Ok if you have done so much you don't need to read further, do the rest of things yourself.

Just saw the movie,Gods must be crazy , yesterday. The sequence in the final sequence
when the guy meets the girls and tries to make and attempt to to communicate was pretty hilarious. Unfortunately, It could as well have been Me there.

It's so easy to give people a 6 pointer Algorithms on how to react when in the presence of the opposite gender Than follow it yourself.

I once heard that you gotta approach 40 girls before one starts to speak with you.
Make that eighty for me.
No Infinity.

I am quite someone at rhyming words.A la Mozart. ( I know he was a musician,
I hope he did some seminal work on rhyming his compositions as well.)

Poor man was blind, but i hope he had more luck when it came to women.

No sir , I am not asking for anything. Just a chance to utter comprehensible
prose.That's it.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Jump.

Ok , It is this way.
A few seasons hence , there would be a process
which would decide where i head next.
My problem is , i keep fooling myself by saying..
I will worry about the bridge, When I reach the River.

Which is pure baloney

The river hasn't come but it leaves me worried.

Ok, let's assume the river has come and you are walking on The Bridge.
You reach the centre point and from there you have to Jump.

Once you have jumped you might fly away and fade into the twilight,
or you might just fall into water like a dead weight.

And then. Then. Then.Then

Then there would be another morning.
The World's Been Waiting.

No sir it is not waiting, least of all for you
to start writing a Blog.

Do i write decently well.No i donn't.
Am am Intelligent . No i am not.
Do i have great ideas. Yes.
Do i know how to express them wonderfully. Who cares.

People would say Balls is a better retort than Who. Ok. Balls.

Speaking on ideas the latest which has hit me is...

Sleeping is a Hobby. This post is not a treatise on sleeping.
I have been sleeping like a madman for the past 48 hours.
When ever i find time to do anything , i hit my bed.
My reasoning is simple .If i don't sleep, I will get a guilty feeling that i am not spending mmy time efficiently .Well u can pick up where this line of reasoning would

So i sleep. Gleefully.Regretfully.But Fully.

Me and my sick sense of humour.

The sky is wonderfully blue from my window (Yes i know words like ceruline and azzure do exist)

Dark Blue. But Blue. I have never loved Blue before, I might never again.
But sitting here in my chair. I do .

Is Sex a Metaphor

Why Cann't i have sex with the pond.

I Stand on the periphery, look at the calmness that is my pond and want to
unite with it. What do i do.
I take a dip in the pond.

Had i wanted to have sex , What would have i done.
Just jumped in the pond without making an effort to swim.

Or should i make use of my facilities to float, and not drown.

Would sex , or the process of which,be complete
if i just float. Accepted that i am a floater and i have always floated
around, should i also float , when having sex with the pond?