Thursday, April 26, 2007


  • I developed an aversion to look at anything with a black background during my school days ,so don't read you.
  • Why do you have to have a game of cards as your blog name.What, It is not rummy?
  • Who/What/Where/Why is Rumi?
  • I hate you and by commutative law i hate your blog.
  • Your writing has no flow.
  • Highly Abrupt.
  • What do you have in your head when you write.
  • I just enjoyed bootpolish, otherwise your writing sucks.
  • Why do you write?
  • You just need to write 9 senseless posts before you write something readable.
  • I don't understand what you write.
  • It is way too dark (With a finger up my nose)
  • Too remorse and sadness filled.
  • I prefer to listen to Chakna Remix.

( As is life, some of above is fiction. Do add to the list if you wish to or just sally away from here as you usually do.)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Wiki's take on the same was related to Countries. A close friend had come down from Pune last weekend. He was running away from the hot climate prevalent in Pune these days. He informed me he had two type of friends, those who knew, they would want a break up in some time say 6 months or so, and others who were trying to find reasons to have a break up.

Wordweb's take on the same(partially) is this : Being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming .

When i see people in relationships and have to usually stand their conversations, It's is like this...I am getting into a lift..I am staring at my computer screen...Come one ..the fight is over..etc.

I take no offense. In thank you for smoking when the kiddo asks his mother ,what is his father's problem .She replies, He has dependency problems. Googling did not help me much but if i have to put my finger on something, it is something a couple of people share, a space where the concept of stepping on each other's space does not occur.

Dependency of a human being over another.The absence of the same being Dependency problem.

I got out of a client's office somewhere around 7:30 in the evening in Colaba .It was a bit cloudy and windy. So i took a walk around gateway . Sitting there, enjoying the wind and looking at the reflection of lights on an otherwise dark water surface which also was defining the waves boundaries. Sitting there , i was trying to call, the vacuum in my thoughts .Ideally i would have preferred to sit there till Judgment Day but a friend was waiting for me at Churchgate." Kal office bhi jana hai Bhai". Gateway and around is the Goa of Mumbai.

Can freedom transcend the concept of work.Of Tomorrow.Of Being(Intentional Pun).

Saturday, April 14, 2007


A privilege to watch Les Invasions Barbares in a room dimmed room with 12 V Tungsten Halogen lamp in a Luminaire the shape of an inverted Cap made from bamboo. A crescent of a moon showing up from the window. It's 4:40 AM in the morning and the load shedding can strike any time. In a few minutes the birds will start chirping and disturbing me.
I had a scheduled holiday tomorrow but they say tomorrow there would be a training.The cuckoo is awake .

Some movies are entertainment,some education. But very few open a new window in a person's life, where one before thought ,existed a wall.

Hats Off.

When We Dance......

The title is directly co related to the contents of the movie.

Friday, April 13, 2007


You don't believe in Music, Do you.

Maria Callas was last quoted in Philadelphia ( Tom Hanks movie , Bozo, the one with AIDS). My introduction to opera was in DCH where Aamir khan clutches his throat in the middle of a can help you listen to many of Maria Callas' renditions. Though generally speaking i couldn't differentiate one from another.Anyways, another bouncer was an article on the same lady on wiki and some kind of professional enmity she shared with another lady. The point was how such a talented person could also be let down (according to wiki)by believing in the pleasures of external beauty. I am no woman , and i generally know/believe womenfolk are a bit fussy about their appearances ,Natural or otherwise.But how high can this expectation from oneself go, Very high it seems.

But the fun part is not just Callas's rendition ,but Tom Hank's description of some French revolution along with that, the way in which he gets a high as the music proceeds. It was a treat.Yes, i am not the kind of person who appreciates things a lot.Mostly.

Similar is the experience when Apocalyptica plays..Nirvana's Nothing else matters. I thought it was a violin, but their website claims it is something called four cellos. An example of an infinite iteration :when i googled on four cellos, it took me back to apocalyptica rather than telling me what the heck is Four cellos. My first reaction on hearing that blasted combination of words was like four kids going to school carrying that half Liter cello water bottle which people told kept water cold, and which used a chain to keep its cap from getting lost.In my case the same was always found broken on the return procession from school on the very day of its debut.

They say oil and other necessary items were in short supply just after the first world war 2. So they manufactured something called hydrogenated oil, In India called Dalda to keep oil in solidified form. Also Oil use to come from Iran in Tin shaped containers and distributed all over India.And at those time vegetables to Mumbai use to come from Pune, essentially being grown in the pune-nashik stretch.Unloading was done at Byculla.Initially Leavers India was in the soaps business, but soon Tatas realized soap's potential in a dirty emerging India and founded tata chemicals.A client told me all this and a lot more.

The opening gambit's courtesy lies with the dude who composed Hallelujah (and not me).

Tomorrow i have another medical, Third in my lifetime. And strangely i am not a bundle of nerves i was before the previous two.Growing Up or growing down or growing out?

Monday, April 09, 2007


- The boss never matters. The bosses' boss matters.
- It takes 10 years to build a career.
- Most people earn wealth at the cost of their health and then spend their wealth to take care of their health.
-There is a vast difference between performing well and making people perform the way you want them to.
-A company would grow anyway. With or without you.
-Appraise yourself by setting annual,realistic goals. And then judge to see if you have achieved them.
-Numbers will come any which ways.
-Be careful for what you wish for cause you will get it.(This one is stale, I know)
-Take care of your body,coz it is the vehicle from where you will launch urself.
-There is a dearth of talent at the top.
-Everybody knows Narayan Murthy today. But for 15 years he(and his team) did eek out an unknown existence.
-Never blame your boss or your organization for your ills.
- Happiness comes not from what job you are doing but the way in which you are doing it.
-Enjoy your job. If not ask yourself , why ?
-No one owes you a career.
- When you fail, don't quit. Because you will always carry your failures with you.
-Even the best guys at wall street do only 3 out of 10 things right.
-Have a professional and personal life balance.

All the above is produced as quoted.A lot more which was quoted lies forgotten.