Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I have a Dream.

UN Song

No Man is an Island
No man stands alone.

Each man's joy is joy to me,
Each Man's grief is my own.

So i will defend,
Each Man as my brother,
Each man as my friend.

This might have some mistakes, pardon me for them.
Also if i am violating any copyrights
please sound me, and i will pull this post off..
(The people who keeps suing really give me jitters)

I am not really sure if i should have lived my life
as i have, in the last one year.
Ok , given that i keep bragging , i have no regrets ,
But really there have been some chinks.

My next trimester will be like this
(Though i was a pessimist by birth, i have evolved(really??))

Evey friday at 10 PM , i will start a party in my room.
Never mind if i am its only benefactor. Start I will.

I will buy all the drinks i wanna drink and I
will borrow 4.1 from some dear friend.

The party will be open to all,
Any body who wants to come and have drinks would be welcome.
I will keep a box in which people who are having drinks
may drop cash. Neither wili i see who is dropping how much
nor will I worry if anyone is dropping anything, whatsoever.

You see, you are missing the whole point.
Money is not a criterion.

Have drinks from my pocket for all i care.

Two situations might arise.
I go broke on the first Friday itself.
Or i start making money from these parties
(Farfetched, Yes. Impossible, Absolutely
What did you expect here, a "no"))

Accepted that my pockets are not very deep.
But funds can be arranged.How???

That i will decide when i reach Thames.

But a technical problem needs to be addressed ,
How to keep the drinks cold.
Does some process exist by which i can manufacture
ice in my room ,and that too in an inexpensive manner.

I'll google up something for it,
"It is but a small obstacle"
(quote from a very beautiful book,
But i won't name it)

And then, I'll Partyyyyyy.

When I came here , i had heard about parties et all
I have always been waiting for them,For an eternity now.
But I guess they just do not happen.

I don't aspire to be the creator of one.Balls.
I just wanna have a ball, and that I will.

Yes it might happen that I am
the only one around every friday at 10.

No man is an Island. Ohh really!!

Animated Counters

Animated Counters

Friday, September 01, 2006


1.The sensation caused by heat energy
2.A warmhearted feeling
3.The quality of having a moderate degree of heat
4.The trait of being intensely emotional
5.A quality proceeding from feelings of affection or love

I am roughly referring to Number 5.
A feeling , with the use of which a human being keeps
his contact with his fellow beings on an
acceptable level. I am not talking of love in the
brow beaten way, more like affection.

In any relationship a degree of warmth is essential.
The realisation of which is often expected , and
the gratification of the same is pleasantly accepted.

To give an example, if a person (say A ) is in the habbit
of feeling lonely, and when expressed this explicitly
or implicitly , B , Hugs A, Always.

The gender of A and B can be anything.Hug is a statement
of expression of warmth.
Other examples of warmth can be: a frequent conversation,
normal coffee table chat, wassup, going out together,
Empathising, sympathising etc.

Now, what if a person doesn't feel the presence
of warmth within him. It just cold out there,
a leaden heart. What would he/she(say C) do.

Usually this coldness is expressed in a form of
indifference and a complete failure to emote
on the input of the other person's statement.

Suppose now again that C has realisd that he/she
is a pretty cold person, and the civilisation
would have prefferd it to be the other way.
Now C tries to feel what people say, sometimes trying to
emote things he has never felt within himself.

Should he be commended or rejected .Labelled,
an Hypocrite.(A person who professes beliefs and opinions
that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his
or her real feelings or motives). Is hypocrite such a
derogatory word!

Ladies and Gentleman,
Does society accept C?
Does C need an acceptance?
What is acceptance?

It's not for me to answer these questions.