Saturday, January 26, 2008


1. Humiliation and pain are the greatest teachers.
2. Watch what you talk.

Today we were taken apart by a few senior colleagues in a Chinese restaurant. Later recalling the incident to another senior colleague i remarked offhandedly " I don't mind being blasted, but not by the people who are not the stakeholders".

Somehow, a few hours later at morning 5:30 i recall that comment, and i realise that they are the board members and very much the stakeholders. So they can blast me.

That's why point number 2.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Growing Up

The books i have read over the last 3 months.

1. Man and Superman
2. Doctor's Dilemma
3. Saint Joan
4. Fooled by randomness
5. Glass Palace
6. A book by an IIM bangalore prof about Indian idiosyncrasies
7 Black Swan (incomplete).
8. Reluctant Fundamentalist(read over 3 visits to crosswords, one in Shoppers Stop and 2 near M G Road)

When we grow up we take different roles,take for e.g. you get placed out of a b school,you are generally ecstatic about what the future holds, how your life is going to be changed completely.

There is this moment in Glass palace when Dolly leaves Rajkumar, forever. Something which she would not have imagined when she was marrying Rajkumar. The note she leaves behind talks about their love and Rajkumar and its memory will always hang on.

Similarly a few months, into a job..sometimes the ecstasy changes into disillusionment, for a few.Personally i was a lot lot after i got placed after my engineering than i was out of a B school.

Successful traders have a very simple strategy when they invest, how much profit they want or how much loss can they taken, after reaching any one of the position , they sell their security.

Well, then why do most of us do not take this strategy for their job.

And coming to humans and relationships, is this a strategy applicable at all...someone in equity research might call this modeling of relationships/human behavior. MBA s are usually obsessed with modeling of everything, future guidance, projected balance sheets etc.

People derive motivation from different things, like nature, fire in belly etc. I derive most of my motivation from reading. When you do nothing else but read for 3 days on a trot in all your free time, it says you can attempt a lot of other things as well, if that level of monomania can be sustained.

I remember the first time it hit me, it was about a couple of nights before my second sem maths paper during engineering. For all of the night i was reading A fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry when i should have been practicing matrices. Something changed that night, to which i could give a shape only after a couple of years. I may call it diversion from the road of academic excellence..but then perhaps both of these things are not correlated at all. Whatever.

These days, one of my biggest problems when i go to a book shop is to walk through the section of Wodehouse stuff. It gives me creeps , to buy any book, what if I have read this book before? I have forgotten most of the books i have read by Wodehouse.

So these days i ask the bookshop owner, Get me everything by Shaw.