Sunday, August 10, 2014

Day 5-6 Polonnaruwa

We came back to the guest house, cleared our bills. The owner had overcharged us on the exchange rate and I for once did not pick any argument and left the place. Partially because it was so spooky and partly also because I did not have a lot of faith in the owner.

We took a bus from Sigiriya towards Polonuwara.

In the bus a lady asked us to get in touch with one auto driver. We took his number and told her we'll see. Not surprisingly the lady in the bus had informed our Tuk Tuk driver and he was right there when got down, introducing himself and asking us to use his services. As had now become our habit, we had reached Polonuwara very late, and luckily the bus had dropped us right near our hotel, Siyanco. This was one of the only two hotels we booked on this trip.

We had our dinner in our room and crashed to sleep.

Day 6.

We woke up at lunchtime, had a quick breakfast and lunch and used the services of our Tuk Tuk driver to take us around. Of all the historical cities, we felt polonnaruwa to be the richest. It had the old temple of the tooth, an old Stone sculptor of Ravana's grandfather, The most beautiful buddhist paintings we have seen and a Hindu Shiva temple. If ther's only one historical city one wants to visit in Sri Lanka, I would suggest Polonnaruwa.

We were quite late when we finished our Tuk Tuk tour. Mr Auto driver then dropped us to the bus stop and left. Unlike our initial scepticism he was pretty helpful and also showed us a museum which had paintings and stuff done from Natural colours. N wanted to buy a Chunnam box here, which she till date regrets buying.

It was quite late when we actually boarded the Bus to Batticola. Midway on the journey I suddenly realised N was the only woman on this bus, and it was then that I realised that I shouldn't be taking this many risked and should limit my travel for the day time only.

We reached Batticola towards midnight and luckily got an auto who dropped us at our hotel. 

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